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2016 ZW Star of the Year


So we’ve opened voting on the ZW Scumbag of the Year -now it’s time to vote for the ZW STAR of 2016. Who entertained us the most? Despite their insta-fakery, like-whoring and all round douchiness – who provided the best fodder for the ZW Nation this year? Who is that one insta-whore that you can’t help but love to hate?

Same deal as the Scumbag voting – you get 3 nominations. Use them wisely. Be sure to bitch at me in the comments if I missed anyone important.



  1. Captain Kangaroo

    Nik should take the title. Lying piece of shit.

  2. Penza

    Sounds like permission to shart.

  3. Punky B.

    U too Sammi Jo. Be safe!

  4. Maia

    Please do!!!!

  5. Ignatius_J_Reilly

    Another possibility is that there is nothing philosophical about it. He is exuding (emitting) gayness, so his words are just code for: ‘tune your gaydar to my frequency–I may continue pretending I’m straight, but I need you to know I’m not, because in 2017 I’ll be taking a lot of dicks to make up for lost time.’

  6. Maia

    Love that show!

  7. Maia

    I’ll probably be asleep at midnight, even though I’d like to stay awake and kick 2016 in the ass and out the door! That being said…Happy New Year, ZW!!!!!

  8. Donnie Darko

    This gay Douche thinks he’s the shit, yet lives with his mildly well off parents. TTP or @sharkey_james, have any zillow info on the value of his parents home?

  9. Maia

    And his philosophical words of wisdom? Bitch, please! Ain’t nobody got time for that, Kurtlynn!

  10. Maia


  11. OldWineBox

    Just for blind men. How can he NOT see how tacky he is?

  12. OldWineBox

    So I’m scrolling along minding my own and then POW! instant incontinence from uproarious laughter! Love you Sammi! 🙂

  13. AmericanTopTeam

    Can I just vote for Sharkey? That’s not the real Tricia btw guys lol

  14. Maia

    Did this douchebag just get off the bus? Why is he walking up a hill carrying his stoopid Laser Away paper bag? I loathe this asshole.

  15. The Beav

    With a dremel!

  16. Maia

    You’re right! Butt plug, crack, and toaster thievery!

  17. Maia

    ACDC. If he plowed her, that’s a definite Highway to Hell.

  18. Maia

    All UP in the produce squeezing shit!

  19. Maia

    Hoe, Aisle 7!

  20. Donnie Darko

    I don’t understand why he does his hair like this when he works on the strip. He thinks it makes him look more credible, but it actually makes him look less credible. Like a slimy, swindler used car salesman. His hair actually looks pretty normal/good when he goes out on the town. The slicked back greaser, part style looks horrible.

    • The Beav

      He needs to rub some of that grease on his dry face. One word…exfoliation.

  21. Donnie Darko

    #Struggle part

  22. Punky B.

    Omg I bet ure talking about TEETH! A fine artistic flick to watch with your man.

  23. Penza

    I think he meant Pandora, they make those over-priced charm bracelets.

  24. chris

    you forgot “Buck Naked”.

  25. Maia

    Laying in the gutter along the Vegas Strip!

  26. Digitus impudicus

    #cletusfetusbabymomma, #strugglecrotch, #leafblowerapocalypse

  27. Donnie Darko

    How is trying to get people to attend timeshare presentations spreading “The Gospel”?

    • Digitus impudicus

      Soooo, he be like a Moonie but with a struggle bible instead of a flower.

    • smugjew

      I like your idea for an cinematic adaptation. Potential titles depending on what route we take:

      (No) License To Drive (a sequel to the Corey Haim classic, teen-oriented)

      Hellapaid (raunchy comedy)

      Flyer By Night Romance (rom-com)

      A Man Of Many Churches (spiritually uplifting angle, similar to The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston)

      The Red Headphones (more of a French avant-garde approach a la Jean-Luc Godard)

      My Nightmare At Country Club Estates (from Andrea’s viewpoint, for the Lifetime network)

      Buttplugz (focuses on the drugs/closet homosexuality angle, similar to Trainspotting)

      • chris

        Brilliant! What about “Strange Jizz” – the real DNA results of little Shark Tales.

      • Donnie Darko

        There is stuff I left out too. If we start it with his animal abuse in Oregon, then him moving to Vegas how many seasons could we get out of this? How about Shark’s Fails as a title?

        • smugjew

          If you look at his last couple Facebook updates — just adding a new profile pic — none of the likes seems to be from the Central Church crew. They’ve all turned their backs on him and deservedly so.

          When you look at his Instagram posts there’s hardly any activity at all. How can someone with 2000 followers get only 3 likes on a picture?!

          “King Of Las Vegas” — yeah right. He really has no friends, just a million random acquaintances. Typical social pattern for a DRUG DEALER.

          • AP

            You gotta give credit for the city of vegas for keeping their moths shut up about him being a dealer. Like, the fact that no one has come here and been like “yeah I bought drugs from him” (if it has happened please correct me, that sounds juicy), then that is pretty incredible.

          • smugjew

            They’re too dumb to figure out how to create a Disqus account and comment.

        • Sammi Jo

          There’s at least a few episodes worth of material for “Sharkey’s Women”
          From the slaughter of Kina’s shoes to the destruction of Skylar’s home….captivating

          And lets not forget, the man is a style icon! His flip flops, and bedazzled trousers…whoa! So hot!
          Annnd not all men can pull off a gold belt. The guy has single handily kept Ed Hardy and Affliction relevant

      • Maia

        Think about it. He smoked crack, put a butt plug in his ass for a prostate massage and then stole a fucking toaster. You can’t make this shit up!

        • Donnie Darko

          Yes, he smoked that pipe, then put the massager in stimulating his prostate as the dopamine rush from the crack kicked in. I know there are 3-4 ten episode seasons that can be written on him.

    • chris

      This guy! Fucker can never stand up straight!

    • Looks like I’m multitasking here

  28. Punky B.

    LMAO! Don’t know if u ever watched designing women but Delta Burke’s character used to throw out Helen Van Patterson Patton as her alias..It was a great show!

    • smugjew

      I loved her on 1st & Ten — HBO’s earliest attempt at an original series back in 1984.

      And It had nudity (!) so it was often fodder for Young CJ’s earliest attempts at …. ah, you know what I mean.

    • Sammi Jo

      LOL, I actually never saw that show. I’ll check it out if I see it come on!

  29. smugjew

    A Vulgar Display Of Panini

  30. Maia

    Her ugly ass bulldog.

  31. smugjew

    LOL. Pantera gift card?

  32. Maia

    It’s horrible!

  33. Sammi Jo

    Its crazy to me that so many of these broads still wear big ass French tips…and square to boot! They’re stuck in 2002.
    I dont mind a short french mani, but these wide ass things she has are awful

    • What ISNT awful about her…The dirty dreadlocked extensions, mud makeup, sharpie brows, fucked up teeth, crazy eyes, pudgy cretin face, legs like a Billy goat, and histrionic personality disorder. She’s the miss havisham of Instagram baking her amateurish cakes with her grimy hands and pet hair all over them! Did I leave anything out? She buys giant discount jugs and the whole world is supposed to want to fuck her. She wants to have a legit job but she looks like she just got done with her set at the Meet Rack social and strip club for the visually and mentally impaired!!

  34. Maia

    The crew I travel with on the road LIVES for 60 cent wing night!

  35. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    wtf, this is great! do we have a name? how do you know she’s a ho from vancouver?

    • Google Sasha toth you’ll see…she submitted herself on td at least 4 times and got roasted, hard. She’s absolutely no fun BC she just drops dookie all over threads then pops her account and the comments disappear. We don’t want her here so please don’t keep asking her. But you would enjoy the old shit and since you go over there it’s your choice whether or not to ride the crazy train

    • Digitus impudicus

      This haggard whore can now be seen as The Beast on TD. She got that right.

  36. Lmao! No you would NOT! He looks like he’s on the verge of vomiting as he turns away from the horror behind him!

    THIS is a skirt that would be much more flattering.

  37. Omg and pencil skirt! Bitch is bloated it looks like she’s wearing huge white spanks or tampon as outerwear

  38. chris

    While I voted for Mr. James Sharkey I couldn’t help but wonder how Miss Tiffany Joy and her snagle tooth was overlooked? She is a female (questionable BTW) Sharkey. Fuck, I’d love for those two to get together…can you imagine all the fodder they’d produce?

  39. miss piglet

    Struggle Hosiery

  40. Maia

    Blood Diamond’s are the worst. Those Loubs look like she painted the bottom with a Crayola.

  41. Maia

    I can back it up and that’s why I laughed at CF and DT trying to goad me. They don’t even want to go there.

    • Persephone

      That was so funny to watch that desperate attempt for attention. Someone misses us, and I love how no one responds to the tantrums.

      • Maia

        Poor CF. What a sad lonely life she must have to pick fights on a gossip website.

        • Persephone

          Pretty pathetic. What makes one’s brain think…” hmm I think I’m gonna go stir shit up with Maia on, yeah and everyone on there, and I’m gonna play opposite. I’ll pretend I don’t agree just to be a bitch and stir shit up, and they’ll say this then I’ll respond with this and so on…”
          She probably fascinates about conversations and has scenarios all played out in her favor. It’s like she has a script right by her: ” if someone responds this way, turn to page 8 for retort.”

        • @MissTriciaEvans

          Meh, you kinda live for the drama too, don’t you?

      • Lol it’s Sasha toth the baby raper!

        • Persephone

          Ok I was wondering. The condescending tone sounded so familiar; textbook Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  42. Digitus impudicus


  43. Donnie Darko

    @MissTriciaEvans. I already started on a summary for you. Not surprised at all with #Moguladouche in a landslide. His life since he moved to Vegas could for sure be an HBO or Showtime drama. From meeting Kina, the battery on her, dating Skylar Haze, going to jail for domestic battery on Kina, the short trist with Tricia him shitting himself from meth withdrawl and the paramedics coming because he had a seizure, meeting Bangs at Sapphire then marrying her two months later with them high as kites on meth at the wedding, their short newlywed bliss, her starting to not cook and clean, then banging Riley Limroth and Tyrone the drug dealer behind his back, him forgiving her and knocking her up, fighting again and she leaves and stays two months in Hawaii with her sister getting filled with Hawaiian dick, she comes back, he buys her the tacky purse at the airport, they get in a fight while both high and he throws her to the ground 7 months pregnant, he gets charged with domestic battery and she moves out and with the family that goes to Central, she starts going there with the family and is banging their son that lives with them. Sharkey finds Jesus, gets baptized and starts going to Central regularly kissing Pasture Jud’s ass, he’s trying to get custody of the baby hiring J Oliver Melgar, Gerald Neal then Amber Robinson as attorneys but the judge sees right through his act and read his criminal record, he only gets supervised visitation at Donna’s house community center, the church starts to figure out he’s a fraud while something makes Andrea want to take #Moguladouche back, they reconcile, she moves back in to Struggle Estates, the have to switch churches and go to The Crossing LV church now, Andrea gets baptized the night after a picture of her was posted high AF on Xanax……To be continued

    This really needs to be presented to cable networks, it would be difficult to make this up, yet it’s all true.

  44. @MissTriciaEvans

    Sharkey is pretty entertaining. Im writing a play based on his life.

  45. €r2

    Well i have reasonable reasons. yotta lol this is the most delusional guy on social media

  46. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    lol.. I love your ‘for the people who are down voting me’.. classic!

  47. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Sharkey is going to win………
    Shareky’s a woman BEATER, the women don’t stand a chance.

  48. Lame Equis

    My fave is Julia Newby because she’s so predictable.

  49. Whitney BeatMe

    Sharkey does deserve a star. He entertains us all endlessly and you know he’s not faking or making any of this shit up, cause the sharkster lacks the grey matter to keep up an ongoing charade this long.
    Julia and smashed crab Sarah both entertain me. Opposite coasts of greasy, tarnished walking desperation embodied in these two. I think we should fund a play date for these two and see who gets pushed in front of a train first.

  50. BadKitty

    Hey Bird!

  51. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    Put Cousin Fucker on here and we got a winner. I’m upvoting this so people see it. I just ran into her, and it took me like, 2 or 3 fucking comments to realize it was her. shame on me. She’s going by “TheBeast” right now.

  52. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    what, are you too dumb to say anything more clever, cousin fucker?

    • Maia

      Of course, she’d jump on a Dead Tooth post. She was always Dead Tooth’s number one cheerleader.

      • smugjew

        Yes, they formed a cute little cyber bond based on being a mutual target of ZW/Dirty hate but c’mon — if they ever interacted in real life they’d turn on each other within an hour.

        • Maia

          I think they both turn on every person in their lives. Imagine how much fun they are in real life.

          • Punky B.

            You gotta remember she couldn’t even cut it as a hooker…She was at parties at playboy & couldn’t even network her way up. Got cancelled out on twitter and begged to be reinstated…Then got fired f/a cheesy ass pool job too. She has to be one of the most horrible ppl to be around. So she runs her dead tooth off on the net…Phhfft wtg trasha! Whatta winner!

      • Digitus impudicus

        …and ONLY asskisser.

  53. Vicki Vallencourt

    i dig it i like what u are doing there u go birdy!!

  54. Vicki Vallencourt

    lmao!!!!! burn

  55. Vicki Vallencourt

    Star tours las vegas edition. we only need one sober driver and a double decker bus. plus a very loud pa system

  56. Vicki Vallencourt

    your videos… what lens should i be watching these thru? are they a video diary, a spoof, a trailer park boys-esque mockumentary?

  57. Scorpio

    I voted for Dan, Julia, and Kina. I find their stuff to be the most entertaining.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      #3 – save a horse ride a cowboy

      • Digitus impudicus

        Lol, I actually saved a horse by riding a professional jockey. I’m short too, and it was the most awesome fucking I ever had.

        • Donnie Darko

          As someone that’s 5’9″, as long as the parts line up in bed the height is irrelevant, we’re not trying to play basketball.

        • I think they’re sexy. Lol he could just get down with out going down if I went out w one!

          • Stelio Kontos

            “he could just get down without going down”
            I’m I the only person who can read something that makes his brain reboot? Like you read something so profound or intruiging, your brain clears out for a sec, then literally starts rethinking what was just read?
            Congrats 3D, you caused a mental reboot over here.

  58. Scorpio

    “Be sure to bitch at me in the comments if I missed anyone important.” Ha ha ha!

  59. smugjew

    No, Wilke likes Panera. Wings for Shark.

  60. TwoTrickPony

    Dead Tooth tried to sleep with Sharkey, who later jumped from a moving car she was driving. She wins a prize by default for those hilarity-inducing moments alone.

  61. Maia

    A gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.

  62. shittystripper

    The social media church infiltration this year was a novel plot twist and quite entertaining.

  63. TwoTrickPony

    Sharkster got so excited his drug-addled body inconceivably produced a viable sperm he celebrated by beating up his baby mama and then convinced that mental giant to take him back.

    And extensive criminal record aside, this clown has no less than six open traffic violations, including one from more than a year ago where the court docs show he couldn’t even pay the negotiated 50 bucks a month – a payment plan later revoked by the court due to non-compliance.

    There is no yellow tinted-windowed bus short enough to adequately illustrate Sharkey’s short straw draw in the genetic lottery.

  64. Maia

    I’m going with Sharktales and Dead Tooth because their obvious mental illnesses are like bad accidents or train wrecks. I just can’t look away. Dead Tooth is now tagging her baby, Sheraton, with #babymodel. You know damned well she’ll be pimping her out to pageants as soon as Sheraton can put one foot in front of the other. As for Sharkey, it’s just a matter of time before he abuses Andrea again and ends up in jail, unfortunately.

    Lhommedont, because she thinks she’s so fucking bright. An over 30 whore with a calendar, website, private snap, and a supe account for basement dwelling betas to fap to. She goes to Abu Dhabi and then hawks that diarrhea inducing tea. She comes back from Aspen and then hawks the bullshit teef whitener. Bitch, you’re fooling no one, including the IRS. The only way you make money is by letting sweaty balls plow your Hershey Highway. You’re about as fucking bright as a 30 watt bulb.

    • smugjew

      “The only way you make money is by letting sweaty balls plow your Hershey Highway. You’re about as fucking bright as a 30 watt bulb.”


      Maia making an 11th hour run for ZW Nation Hater Of The Year!

    • TwoTrickPony

      As perhaps one of her most ardent haters back in the dirty and then early ZW days – who celebrated the opportunity to internet body slam her at will – my issue with Dead Tooth being anywhere near the top of the ZW Star of the Year poll is her improbable swan dive from teetering on the cusp of near irrelevance to total and completely doing a full-on belly flop into obscurity.

      • Whitney BeatMe

        Agreed. I think the shrew is going into a dormant phase which bodes well for humanity. Every once in a while puking up some nugget of slime, but mostly shutting her face.

        • The_Truth_Hurts2012

          she won’t shut her face, people will just quit listening.
          Like when you get callouses on your palms and wonder why no one wants a handie..

      • Maia

        It would be like me walking around in my Air Force dress blues when I haven’t been in the Air Force in 10 years!

    • @MissTriciaEvans

      Yeah but I’m not entertaining or interesting. Only annoying.

    • nancy young

      I forgot we are not supposed to rip on Sheraton. My b

  65. Stelio Kontos

    Sharkey started the year strong, but was pretty mild towards the end.
    Yotta douched it up all year, a break up and finishing the last month with a weak self induced boner selfie? That is epic.
    Old Wonky just steadily got worse and worse all year.
    Overall, Yotta is King in my book.

  66. TwoTrickPony

    My guess is the list as ordered tells the tale, with James Sharkey lapping the field four times in a mile long race (if you catch my drift). Not to rehash all of his antics over the past year, but the jokes quite literally write themselves. I’d imagine even Neil deGrasse Tyson would struggle to adequately quantify the sheer scale of his boundless stupidity in terms a layperson could understand.

    • Maia

      I love Neil! You might have, quote unquote facts, but I’ve got SCIENCE, Bitches!

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